A complete customized Audio Video solutions

Not just another “boring” business place

Every commercial space is different, each with its intended purpose. Our team will be able to give you customize solutions that will suit your need and budget.Focus on doing your business and leave the Audio Video technicalities to us

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  • Indoor and outdoor speaker applications
  • Volume Control
  • Audio Zone Control
  • Professional grade amplifier for pro-longed usage
  • Integrated with building paging announcement system
  • Multiple mic inputs


  • Offices dan Meeting Room
  • Music Classroom & Educational Center
  • Hotel Lobby & Ballrooms
  • F&B Establishments
  • Retail Stores
  • Gymnasiums & Dance Rooms
  • Spas & Beauty Salons
  • Media Room
  • ART Gallery
  • Lounges & Bar


Onsite visit + recommendation

Whenever we do a project, an onsite visit is important for us to have a clear understanding of your space and needs.

Equipment usage training

Appropriate handover and training is just as important. We always ensure that our clients are well trained in using the items for a fuss free and seamless experience in the long run.

Equipment installation and calibration

Proper equipment installation and audio calibration goes hand in hand. We always ensure that your audio is sounding as good as it should and better..

Warranty + Support

All our products come with local warranty and support. You can be sure that we're here to stay, and to provide the adequate support you need as your business grows..


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